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Most larger versions of the images displayed here will open in their own window because of the picture size involved.

Jardin Street Public School

This is a picture of the public school building at the corner of S. Jardin and W. Cherry Sts. It is now the Walukiewicz-Oravitz-Fell Funeral Home. The church on the left (Cherry St.) is St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church and directly across Jardin St. but off picture is St. George Roman Catholic Church. This image was captured about 1907.

The Shenandoah Eagles

Contrary to the caption, the Shenandoah Eagles did not have their own building in 1907, when this picture was taken. Since their formation in 1901, the Eagles have met in Reilly's Hall, in the Citizens' Bank builbing, above the Merchant's Bank, and finally in their own building on South Main Street.

Shenandoah Trust Company

The Shenandoah Trust Company around 1907.

South Main Street

South Main Street, early 20th century.

Shenandoah High School

In 1879 Shenandoah High School was built on North Main Street. When the school was built it boasted steam heat, water, gas and a stage for commencement exercises. This image was taken in the first decade of the 20th century.

1902 $10 Note

A $10 note from the Citizens National Bank in 1908. Clicking on the image above will open a larger version.

Coal Mine Emergency Room

This is a Shenandoah mine emergency room in 1908. The exact mine is unknown. Clicking on this picture will open a larger version in it's own window.

Main Street

Shenandoah's Main Street around 1908.

White Street

A view of South White Street, the year was 1908.

The Ferguson Hotel

The Ferguson Hotel, early 20th century.

The Ferguson Hotel

Another image of the Ferguson Hotel, early 20th century.

The Ferguson Residence

The residence of J. P. Ferguson.

The Kehley Run Colliery

The Kehley Run Colliery was the second oldest mine located in Shenandoah. Opened in 1864, the mine would later catch fire in the summer of 1880.

West Shenandoah Colliery

A picture of the West Shenandoah Colliery taken around 1909. Click on the image above for a larger version.

St. Michael's on Oak Street

St. Michael's new church on Oak Street, 1909.

The Phoenix Fire House

The Phoenix Fire House around 1909. You can view a larger version of this picture by clicking on the image above, it will open in it's own window.

Ringtown, PA

Located on the other side of the mountain, north of Shenandoah, the Ringtown Valley was always a popular scenic spot. Ringtown with it's farms and colorful foliage was the exact opposite of Shenandoah. Click on the picture above for a larger version.

Breaker Boys During Lunch Hour

Shenandoah breaker boys during the lunch hour. Unknown colliery around 1910.

Maple Hill Colliery

A view of the Maple Hill Colliery in 1910.

Shenandoah City Shaft

This picture was taken at the Shenandoah City Colliery during the first decade of the 20th century. When this image was captured the colliery was owned by the Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Company.

White Street School

A picture of the White Street School Building, circa 1910.

All Saints Episcopal Church

All Saints Episcopal Church around 1910. This structure would later become Shenandoah's Masonic Temple. Also, in this picture at the rear of the church, part of the Jefferson school building can be seen.

Shenandoah Miners

Shenandoah miners at the Valley Slope, 1910.

Twenty Dollars

A rare 1911 twenty dollar bill from The Mechants National Bank. Click on the image above for a larger version.

East Center Street

A postcard of East Center Street in 1913, the trolley can be seen in the distance.

The Ferguson Hotel

The newly renovated exterior of the Ferguson Hotel, 1913.

Lyric Theater

A postcard showing the Lyric Theater on Center Street.

Lyric Theater

The Lyric Theater was opened in 1913. Click on the image above for a larger version.

Inclined Trolley Track

This postcard shows a strech of inclined trolley track on an unknown Shenandoah street.


A very nice color picture of the trolley making it's way down a Shenandoah street. This image was taken from a postcard dated around 1913.

Cemetery Road

Cemetery road with Shenandoah in the background, 1913.

State Hospital

An early picture of Locust Mountain State Hospital around 1919. To see more Locust Mountain pictures and learn a little about the hospital's history just CLICK HERE.

Phoenix Fire Company

Still located on Jardin street, in the same building,
this is how the Phoenix #2 firehouse appeared in 1918.

Group Photo

A young group of professionals from Shenandoah,
this picture was taken in 1919.

Shenandoah's Main Street

Downtown Shenandoah, this picture was taken in the late 1920's.

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