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History of the County of Schuylkill By Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart
In honor of the County?s Centenary 1911

"Shenandoah, the metropolis of Schuylkill County, lacks the beauty of the county seat. The facilities for railroad traffic, being on a branch road of the Philadelphia & Reading, likewise the Pennsylvania, is good, but may be improved. The Lehigh Valley also runs through the town. Its principal industries are the mining of coal, and manufacturing of garments, &c. It has been said that the nationalities of the town represent twenty different languages, and the cosmopolitan manner of living is one of its most prominent features.

Whilst the business houses have greatly improved the past few years, the inhabitants are crowded for lack of building space, due to the surrounding property being under the control of the coal corporations, who find it inconvenient for them to lease much of the land, for when once leased, it is a difficult matter to terminate the lease in case of a necessity to remove the coal beneath the homes erected upon the ground, and when damage to property occurs, the homeowner resorts to the Courts to compel the corporations to indemnify him for the damage to his property. Thus, land is becoming more scarce for building purposes yearly, and the future is a serious problem for the town authorities to face.

It possesses churches of every description, substantial banking institutions, and an excellent public school system. It has been stated by public school teachers that the foreign children, though difficult to instill into them a good foundation, are apt pupils when once started, and in many cases carry the honors away from the native born children.

It owns its own water supply, but for several years past it has been inadequate for the purpose, the rapid growth of the town being such as to cause a water shortage in case of drought during summer. This has occurred two years in succession.

The Schuylkill Traction Company runs through the town , and connects with Girardville and Ashland on the west, and Mahanoy City on the east.

It has several musical organizations, but since the disbanding of the famous Grant Band, it has not reached the highest musical standard such as the above organization has maintained.

In the year 1883, a serious conflagration swept over the town rendering many homeless, and destroying the principal business section of the town. It was not long, however, before the town had been built on a grander and larger scale than ever before. Today it is well established, and with its paved streets, excellent fire department, and everything necessary for protection to life and limb, it has a most decidedly bright future before it."

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