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Q. Will Popalis Family History help me find my ancestors?

A. Maybe, if your ancestors are Popalis/Popelis family members. This site is dedicated to Popalis Family History and related subjects only. There are a number of sites on the Internet that provide resources for family research, some are mentioned on this web site.

Q. Could Popalis Family History find the Coat of Arms for my family?

A. Sorry, but the answer is no. We are not one of the many companies you can find on the Internet, that provide that service for a fee. Popalis Family History does not endorse any particular site or company. We are sure as with many businesses, there are good and bad, so buyer beware!

Q. What is the easiest way to research my family tree?

A. There is no easy way. There are no secrets. If family information comes easy to you, you are in the minority. Searching for family history requires dedication, especially if you need information from former Soviet Block countries. Be prepared to find one tiny nugget of information at a time, and keep the faith.

Q. Is Popalis Family History affiliated with the Shenandoah Historical Society?

A. No, this site is not related to or run by the Shenandoah Historical Society. We do, however, encourage those interested in Shenandoah history to contact the good folks at the Historical Society.

Q. What happened to the wolf logo on the homepage?

- or -

Q. What was the story behind the wolf logo on the homepage?

A. The wolf logo was removed when the Popalis Family History site was upgraded in 2007.

The story behind the logo is refered to as the Legend of the Iron Wolf.

Long ago, Gediminas, the Great Grand Duke of Lithuania, hunted down a large bull at a place now called the Taurus Hill and offered sacrifice to the Gods. As evening approached, Gediminas and his companions rested and feasted by a campfire. Then weary from the hunt, they slept soundly in a hilltop grove.

That night, Gediminas dreamed of an iron-clad wolf high atop a hill, who seemed to howl with the voice of a hundred wolves.

Gediminas could not understand the dream, so he visited the High Priest, Lizdeika, at the grove-shrine of Perkunas, the Mighty Thunderer. Lizdeika gazed into the fire, divined and offered the following interpretation:
"Great Ruler, the armoured wolf is a city which you shall build. It will be as strong as iron and protect the land from its enemies. And the wolves that you heard, were the voices of its heroes whose great deeds will make this city reknowned throughout the world."

Gediminas heeded the words of the wise priest and built a castle upon the hill where he slept, at the confluence of the Vilnia and Neris rivers. And around the castle grew a strong and wealthy city, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, that stands to this day, despite the onslaught of so many enemies.

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