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Popalis Funeral

The funeral of Mary Popalis in 1911. This picture was taken in front of St. George's church. Husband, Andrew Popalis, can be seen near the head of the casket. Standing next to their father and behind their mother's coffin are Andrew, Joseph, John, and Peter. For a larger version, click on the image above, it will open in a new window.
Thanks go out to Andrew T. Popalis for sharing this treasured photograph.

Popalis Boys

Andrew and Mary's boys. From left to right; Andrew, Joseph, John, and Peter around 1917. Click on the picture above to view a larger version. The image will open in a new window.

John Popalis John Popalis

Two portraits of John Popalis, a younger John on the left and an older John to the right. Click on the picture you wish to view.

Andrew J. Popalis

Andrew J. Popalis at his boyhood home on Chestnut Street.

Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate of Joseph "Popelis" and Anna Lokitis. Click on the image above to view a larger version.


An invitation to an informal dance aboard the U.S.S. Arizona, held in 1921. To see a larger, clearer version click on the image above.

First Aid Certificate

Certificate of First Aid Training issued by the Bureau of Mines in 1921.

Baptism Certificate

Albert Popalis' baptismal certificate from St. George parish. Notice the spelling of "Papelis". Just click on the image above to see an easy to read version.

Joseph G. Popalis

Hoisting Engineer Joseph Popalis (front left) poses with his fellow workers. This picture was taken at the mine slope of Kehely Run Colliery, better known as "The Gap".

James & Joseph Peter, James & Joseph

James and Joseph Popalis visiting Niagra Falls with Uncle Pete in August of 1936.

Popalis Wedding

Andrew and Helen's Wedding in 1936. On the left is Best Man/brother Peter Popalis and Matron of Honor/sister Agnes Cosluski Dopkin. Clicking on the image above will open a larger version in it's own window.

Andrew J. Popalis Helen A. Popalis

Andrew & Helen Popalis.

Andrew & Helen Popalis

Andrew & Helen Popalis, late 1930's.

Wedding Article Obituary Obituary

Newspaper articles from the Evening Hearld. On the left is an article that appeared on the front page in 1936. In the middle is Andrew Popalis' obituary from 1938. On the right is the obituary of Peter Popalis from 1974. Click on the article you would like to read.

Joseph & Anna Popalis

Joseph Popalis and wife Anna (Lokitis), 1942.

Popalis Wedding

On September 7, 1946 Andrew T. Popalis married Rose M. Bell. The wedding party included (left to right); Rose M. Bell, Andrew T. Popalis, Marian Bell, Joseph Popalis, Theresa Habib, Albert Yancius, Stella Bowman, and Joseph Bell. Click on the picture above for a larger image.

Popalis Wedding

The wedding of Joe and Leona Popalis. On the right is Joe's best man, his brother Albert. Joe and Albert's father was the late Joseph G. Popalis.

Joseph G. Popalis Citation

State Representative Edward Lucyk presenting Joseph G. Popalis with a citation for his voting record, October 28, 1986. Click on either image to display a larger version.

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