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The Pottsville Maroons
One of the finest NFL teams, ever.

Pennsylvania Destination of the DayWelcome to what used to be this site's "easter egg". This page was intended to be a little suprise for football fans and fans of anthracite history, but now seems to be getting alot of attention. Many are discovering one of the NFL's best kept secrets. Read on to discover the interesting history of the Pottsville Maroons.

Many know that Pottsville, PA had a Professional football team and that team was named the Maroons. But what if I told you the Pottsville Maroons were still with us in the form of the Washington Redskins? I must be kidding? Not really, well . . . it's a little stretch, but hear me out. The Pottsville Maroons played 8 seasons in the NFL, 4 unofficially and 4 recognized by the league. 1921 to 1928 was the era of the Pottsville Maroons, then they moved to Boston where there was some interest in professional football, but no team. When the Maroons moved to Boston they changed their name to the Bulldogs. After one season the Bulldogs ceased operations in 1930. Boston would not be without a team for long, an enterprising man by the name of George Preston Marshall stepped in filling the Bulldogs spot with his team named the Braves. It seemed that Boston just didn't have the fan support nessesary to sustain a professional football team, so Mr. Marshall moved his team from Boston to Washington D.C. and renamed them the Redskins. Therefore one could make the argument that the Pottsville Maroons were the ancestors of today's Washington Redskins. If this peaked your interest in the Maroons, read on.

The Pottsville Maroons were, at one time, a true powerhouse in the world of professional football. This coal town team not only competed on a national level, but were the 1925 World Champions, sort of. The Maroons team consisted of some outstanding talent that would combine on the gridiron to make history. On this page you can choose to learn about the disputed 1925 NFL Championship, access the Maroons season by season record, or visit Maroons enshrined in the Football Hall of Fame. Simply make your selection below, and enjoy!

The story of Pottsville's Championship Season.

Statistics for the last 4 seasons in Pottsville.

Philadelphia Public Ledger
December 7, 1925

CHICAGO -- The Pottsville Maroons yesterday won the National Professional Football championship of the United States here in defeating the Cardinals in a post-season game 21-7.

The victory was clean-cut, and gave the Pennsylvania Miners the right to the national title previously held by Cleveland.

Walter French was the chief source of grief for the Cardinals. He was here, there and everywhere, gaining yardage, breaking up Cardinal plays, bucking the line, putting over deadly passes, punting and running, displaying skill in every move.

--- Philadelphia Public Ledger

The Hall of Fame

It seems the NFL has always refused to acknowledge the many talented players from the 1925 team, as if by not mentioning their achievments, the '25 season never happened. Infact the only Maroon players inducted into the Hall of Fame played for Pottsville after the '25 season and really established themselves with other teams. Below are the three former Maroons now in the hall. Their pages will open in a new window.

Walt Kiesling

Johnny McNally

Wilbur Henry

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