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Locust Mountain Hospital

Here you will find several Locust Mountain Hospital pictures. The hospital's exterior and interior evolved over the years, these images mark that passing of time.

In 1915, Father Lemuel B. Norton, pastor of the Annunciation church, started the hospital project in Shenandoah. A committee of 100 prominent borough citizens formed the Locust Mountain Hospital Association. Their goal of securing land for the construction of a hospital came to fruition when Girard Estate donated property overlooking Shenandoah. The hospital was built by public subscription, borough wage earners, mostly mine workers, donated a day's pay. Locust Mountain State Hospital opened on April 6, 1926. The hospital earned a reputation for excellence and served its community well until 1981, when Pennsylvania began a process of eliminating state-run hospitals.

Locust Mountain Hospital

An early picture of Locust Mountain State Hospital around 1919.

Hospital Entrance

A postcard showing the entrance to Locust Mountain Hospital, circa 1918.

Locust Mountain Hospital

Locust Mountain Hospital in the 1930's.

Locust Mountain Hospital

A color postcard depicting Locust Mountain Hospital during the 1940's.

Locust Mountain Hospital

A very nice linen postcard depicting Locust Mountain Hospital. For a slightly larger image click on the picture above.

Locust Mountain Hospital

Locust Mountain Hospital in the 1960's.

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