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Saturday, November 25, 2007, 3:30 a.m.

Major Fire in Schuylkill County
by Andy Palumbo

Downtown Shendoah has been hit by another big fire. The latest broke out late Friday night in the one hundred block of North Main Street.

Witnesses tell us the fire apparently started in a thrift store in the old Davison's Furniture building. The fire quickly grew out of control. Firefighters from three counties were called in to battle the flames. Four buildings were either destroyed or heavily damaged.

The thrift shop is next to a bar called "Thunder Road." The bar's bouncer told us he spotted the flames, and unsuccessfully tried to break in to the thift shop to put the fire out. The bar was evacuated, and no one inside the bar was hurt. The bar has been open for less than one year. That bouncer told us the fire is devasting.

The last big fire in Shenandoah was in June, when flames wrecked buildings on Market Street.

No cause has been listed for the latest fire.

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