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Popalis Mysteries

Welcome to Popalis Mysteries! This page presents questions we do not know the answer to, yet. If you know of any mysteries not listed here or if you have the answer to any of the mysteries listed below please send us an email.

Mystery No. 1

1945 m. vasario 9 d. ?vyko partizan? kautyn?s Tro?k?n? vals?iuje

NKVD kariuomen? ir skrebai Juodgirio mi?ke (Anyk?i? r.) apsupo stovyklaujan?ius Antano Slu?kos-?ar?no ir Antano ?ilio-?aibo partizan? b?rius. Ver?damiesi i? apsupimo ?uvo 13 partizan?, didesn? j? dalis Klaib?n? k. ? pagalb? apsuptiems atvyko Antano Jog?los-??uolo b?rio partizanai, kurie tuo metu stovyklavo netoli Ju?i?ki? k.

Jie puol? NKVD kareivius ties Klaib?nais, bet geriau ginkluot? ir gausesni? prie?o j?g? buvo atstumti. Besitraukdami Mick?ni?ki? k. link ?uvo 5 Antano Jog?los b?rio partizanai. M??is truko apie 5 val., jo pabaigoje kareiviai ir skrebai prad?jo deginti sodybas Klaib?n? ir Mick?ni?ki? k. I? viso buvo sudeginta 12 trobesi?. M??io metu ?uvo 18 partizan?: Antano Slu?kos-?ar?no b?rio - 7, Antano ?ilio-?aibo b?rio - 6, Antano Jog?los-??uolo b?rio - 5. ?uvusi?j? k?nai buvo palikti kautyni? vietoje. V?liau jie buvo slaptai palaidoti partizan? artim?j? ir vietini? gyventoj?.

13-os ?uvusi?j? pavard?s ?inomos:

Edvardas Augulis, Anicetas Paurazas, Karolis Kad?ionis, Napalys ?emaitis, Kostas But?nas, Vaclovas Banionis, Bronius ?auli?nas, Kostas Popelis, Alfonsas Grim?a, Kazimieras Grim?a, Jonas Jurkevi?ius, Stasys Kilda, Adolfas Ma?iulis. Kit? 5-i? ?uvusi?j? pavard?s ne?inomos.

Manoma, kad 4-i? partizan? palaikai teb?ra palaidoti Juodgirio mi?ke, j? kapaviet? nerasta.

Atnaujinta: 2001.04.10
Pasi?lymai ir pastabos -

Inga Staisiuniene, a representative for Public Relations, from the Museum of Genocide Victims, has helped us with this mystery. She writes; "Web site Juodgirio musis is about the battle between Lithuanian partisans and Soviet troops. Kostas Popelis was a partisan of the detachment which fought against the Soviet army. He was killed in that battle in Anyksciai region on 9 February 1945. This is all information we have about Kostas Popelis." To learn more about the Lithuanian partisans, and their struggle with the Soviet Army visit the new website "This is an official site of the Museum of Genocide Victims, and you can find information in English there." Thank you Inga for the information. If someone viewing this page knows anything about Kostas Popelis, please send us an e-mail.

Mystery No. 2

Bride Index to Nassau County Florida Marriages, 1867-1887

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Lori Bragg,

Bride's Name Groom's Name Date
Popalis, Betsey Williams, John H. Monday, April 13, 1885

This marriage record raises some questions, like who was Betsey Popalis? And how did she end up in Florida in 1885? For now, this is the earliest recorded Popalis in North America. This file can be viewed at

Mystery No. 3

by Anonymous

Two families Popelis come in Lithuania from Belarusia,
county of Minsk.

This mysterious bit of mysterious information can be found at After visiting The Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society, I posted a message requesting any Popelis/Popalis information. A site visitor later left this response. Interesting . . . if anyone has family information concerning Belarus please drop us a line.

Mysterious Popalises

The Internet has yeilded some documentation of possible family members, but their stories are unknown. If you would like to view this information click on the button below.

Immigration Records.


The Popalis clan in Canada emmigrated from Greece in the 1950's. The Canadian Popalises trace their origin to Macedonia, where the family name was Popalev.

Pizza Popalis is a popular Greek pizza place in Detroit and Chicago?

Popalis is the grammatical form of the Russian verb to be caught, be caught red-handed, or taken the bait.

Popolis is an Italian Internet community. Visit it at!

The Popelis/Popalis name has now been found in at least 8 countries on 3 continents! (Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, United States, Canada and Australia.)

Thanks go out to Juris Popelis and Peter Popalis for providing some of this information.

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